“I have worked with several CVOs and CCA is the only one that has met all of their service commitments.”

"CCA is very professional and do what they say they're going to do. They provide high quality and are one of the few vendors we enjoy working with."

"It has been a refreshing change to work with such a group of professionals in whom we place our confidence. Thank you all."

"CCA has been an excellent resource for me. The credentialing process went smoothly, and the staff working on our initial credentialing went through special effort to accommodate my timeframe."

"I consider CCA to be exceptional in the services they have given and recommend them to others frequently."

"We continue to be very satisfied with the quality, timeliness and overall value of the services that CCA provides."

"I like CCA because I feel that it is a family environment and I like how they focus on the relationship with their customers."

"Since our initial utilization of CCA service 1 ½ years ago, we have on numerous occasions called with questions we were unsure of the answers to and received invaluable and immediate information."

"I recently presented to our state association annual conference on our credentialing program.  The work of CCA over the past year allowed us to be very confident in presenting guidelines to the other centers."

Board of Directors Feedback

"The CCA Board of Directors wishes to commend CCA’s staff on meeting or exceeding all of their continuous quality improvement goals. The level of their commitment to providing quality service is demonstrated by these results."

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